Records Facility Processing Times
Our researchers submit your request in person the same day we receive it.* In over 95% of cases, we will deliver a certified copy of your DD214 to you within 7 business days.

However, the facilities from which we aquire your records have recently experienced the following internal delays in retrieving military personnel records for on-site researchers. When ordering, these delays should be taken into consideration:

Location Records Affected Punctuality Comment
NPRC All (except “urgent”) 0-4 days 1
NPRC Urgent (funeral) On time.  
Army 10/1/2002 and greater 3 - 5 days  
Marine Corp. 1999 and greater. On time  
Navy 1995 and greater. On time.  
Air Force 10/1/2004 and greater 3 - 5 days  
Air Force Reserve Apx. 2002 and greater. On time.  
Air National Guard Apx. 2002 and greater. On time.  
Army National Guard All Various  
All Others All 0-4 days  

Note: A delay may result on a case-by-case basis (particularly for separations that occurred within the past year) and will vary day-by-day depending on a facility's current resources and workload.

Our researchers are issued their assignments in the morning, proceed to their respective respositories and do not report on their successes and failures until they return. Generally, we do not know until the end of each day the status of any particular case.

Status updates of active cases are provided by Touchstone whenever required at the end of each day, and are entered as comments on your order usually beteween 5 and 8 pm Eastern time. Clients can log into their Touchstone account and view their order's status at any time.


  1. NPRC. For records located at the NPRC in St. Louis, the NPRC has been recently experiencing delays of from 0-4 days on average for ALL walk-in researcher requests (EXCLUDING bereavement or other urgent need which are processed promptly - you should identify on your request any such need). This means that certain records from the NPRC will be returned the same day, others later. We have not been able to discern any particular pattern to the NPRC's response times.

We have zero control over the NPRC and other government records repositories. However, rest assured that no one can get you your military record faster.

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